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Deploy Personal Uniqueness

Create and empower your Dream Team!

Develop Your Teams and Workgroups

Uniqueness: Who am I?

Team members develop crystal clear understanding, and articulation of, their unique combination of strengths and preferences. All team members, including leadership, gain a better understanding of those they are working alongside.


Who are we?

Our system supports answering and responding to the following questions: Who are you together as a team? Where are you strong? Where are the gaps in strengths? Where is interpersonal stress likely to occur? Then you can make goals that lead to becoming a stronger team.

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Where are we going?

Some teams need high level strategic planning. Some teams don't need an in depth process. All teams need to be clear about where they are going together. Our system flexibly helps you create direction connection.

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What is my part?

Repeatedly we have found that leadership or management have different understanding of responsibilities assigned to team members. Our tool helps with clarity, but also has some other devices that generate improved performance.


Empowering Reviews

Great reviews...

Clarify expectations and capacity
Provide an opportunity for self-assessment
Facilitate personal development decisions
Identify opportunities to empower
Result in improved morale

Our Empowering Review tool provides all of this and it is easy to use.


What others are saying

Greg Parsons

Director of Global Connections, Frontier Ventures

Jay has a heart to help people accomplish their goals. This is an excellent tool... I can't recommend it more highly!

G parsons

Don Eenigenburg

Field Director, Interlink Management, Inc

Jay has an excellent development product. Working through it is both fun and highly beneficial.

D enegenberg

Kerry Jones

Chief Operating Officer, Frontier_Ventures

Jay understands team dynamics, the role of each individual to the team, the importance of an integrated strategic plan and tracking of goals and development plans to overall team effectiveness. I highly recommend use of the ClarionModel for any ministry or business who want to development their staff into high preformance teams.

K jones